Limber Men

The most amazing talent I have seen yet. Never before have I seen men as limber as these.

The Magic IPad

Unbelievable magic trick done using an iPad. See if you can figure out how its done.

Most Beautiful Sunsets

Who does not love a beautiful sunset? Here is a compilation of the most beautiful from around the world.

Post image for Slip And Slide

Slip And Slide

October 7, 2013

The most amazing slip and slide evern…Looks so fun! Read More

This adorable cat tells his owner in the most polite way that he just is not in he mood to be pet.
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Post image for iPhone Auto Correct

iPhone Auto Correct

October 6, 2013

Are you doing the Nutcracker this year?? Read More

Oh, the things kids say in kindergarten! Read More

Post image for Old Man Shuffling

Old Man Shuffling

October 5, 2013

This guy might be old but he can shuffle better than any young kid that I know.
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Very well done compilation of videos of many amazing people and the crazy things that get caught on film.
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Post image for Amazing Food

Amazing Food

October 4, 2013

These are the most amazing food creations you will ever see!
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Post image for Guy Scares His Boss

Guy Scares His Boss

October 3, 2013

This guys lucky he doesn’t get fired after pulling this prank off on his boss. Read More

Post image for Amazing Places: Part One

Amazing Places: Part One

October 3, 2013

Compilation of the most amazing places in the world….Time to put some of these places to visit on my bucket list. Read More

Post image for Fancy Footwork

Fancy Footwork

October 3, 2013

This guys sure has some amazingly insane football skills.
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Post image for Don’t Jump

Don’t Jump

October 3, 2013

Another great blonde joke. Read More

Post image for Sneezing On A Plane

Sneezing On A Plane

October 2, 2013

Hilarious Joke about the crazy things you learn about people when you sit next to them on a plane. Read More