Limber Men

The most amazing talent I have seen yet. Never before have I seen men as limber as these.

The Magic IPad

Unbelievable magic trick done using an iPad. See if you can figure out how its done.

Most Beautiful Sunsets

Who does not love a beautiful sunset? Here is a compilation of the most beautiful from around the world.

Post image for Out With The Guys

Out With The Guys

November 5, 2013

I guess this guy will be listening to his wife from here on out instead of the guys! Read More

Post image for Old People and Viagra

Old People and Viagra

November 1, 2013

Joke about older couple and their first time using Viagra. Read More

Post image for Dog Learns Halloween Trick

Dog Learns Halloween Trick

October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween everyone…enjoy this amazing dog trick video. The outtakes in the end are the best. Read More

Post image for Baby Skeleton

Baby Skeleton

October 31, 2013

Baby dresses up as a skeleton with led lights..such a cool idea. Read More

Post image for Elmo Factory Worker

Elmo Factory Worker

October 29, 2013

Hilarious joke about what happens when you put a women on the production floor of the Elmo Factory. Read More

Ever wonder how the rich and famous are with their kids…check out this compilation! Read More

Hilarious prank involving a Rice Krispie vending machine and a bunch of amused shoppers. Read More

Post image for Cat Teached Boy How To Walk

Cat Teached Boy How To Walk

October 27, 2013

Well this is one talented cat. Watch how he teaches this you baby boy how to walk with his walker. Read More

Post image for One Big Dude

One Big Dude

October 27, 2013

A small guy and a big dude together in the elevator makes a great joke..Got to read this one. Read More

Post image for Trust Fall Fail

Trust Fall Fail

October 26, 2013

Little girl obviously needs more direction before trying her next trust fall. Read More

Post image for Bulldogs are Awesome

Bulldogs are Awesome

October 26, 2013

A great compilation of bulldogs and what they are most loved for. Read More

Compilation of the most amazing sunsets from around the world. Some of these are just breathtaking. Read More